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Kimeramon is an ultimate level digimon. Kimeramon is a chimera of various Digimon. It has the head of Kabuterimon, the eyes and hair of MetalGreymon, the body and lower jaw of Greymon, the wings of Airdramon, the top wings of Angemon, the arms of Devimon, the left arm of Kuwagamon, the right arm of SkullGreymon, the legs of Garurumon, and the tail of Monochromon. How this kind of synthesis was performed is shrouded in mystery.


Name Cooldown Description Visual
Heat Viper 16 Seconds Emanates a deadly heat ray from its four arms before firing it off. HeatViper.gif
Hybrid Arms 8 Seconds Uses it's four arms to strike in every direction. HybridArms.gif